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Protective Behaviours Australia

The Protective Behaviours Program was developed by Peg Flandreau West in America in the mid 1980s. She brought together a simple but effective preventative safety program. The program is for all ages – from birth to our older years.

The community expects safety for all and PBA has representatives in most States and Territories to assist the community to feel safe. Please read more in our website and contact your local representative to learn more.

Mission Statement:

To reduce the incidence of abuse and violence in the community through empowerment and education.

Our Aims:

  • To enhance personal safety through the availability of the Protective Behaviours program across Australia
  • To promote positive non-violent relationships in our communities
  • To educate all communities throughout Australia about the existence, prevalence and impact of abuse


To work together as a National Organisation to:

  • Promote the Themes, Core Concepts and Strategies of the Protective Behaviours Program at all levels of the Australian Community.
  • Maintain the integrity of the Protective Behaviours program through implementing quality assurance processes
  • Encourage and support the initiatives of the individual State and Territory health, community services, education, police and legal agencies in the implementation of the Protective Behaviours program
  • Develop and maintain a clear and recognisable National image
  • Facilitate the exchange of information between all state and territories.
  • Represent the the Protective Behaviours Program nationally and internationally.
  • Negotiate sponsorship/funding nationally in order to achieve our mission.
  • Lobby Federal Government, Corporate and Community sectors to promote the aims of Protective Behaviours Australia.
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